Monday, August 8, 2011

“My Favorite Smurf”

Hellow readers!
Still remember my entry "SMURF"?
Yes ni this  times I want to tell you about Smurf again...

The Smurfs

Have you ever wondered if one day when you take a walk the middle of garden and suddenly you found a blue colored cute things get lost to find a way home? never right? Let say the blue colored cute things can talk but the problem for you is how you want to show them the way back..  The blue colored cute things introduced them self start from Papa Smurf, Brainy, Clumsy, Smurfeete, Grouchy and the last one name Gutsy.

The situation become more complicated but because they was very cute you automatically take them as a good friend. Firstly the situation become very confused and garbled because you are not usual stay with them and they are also not usual with human, but eventually you feel the fun of making friends with them because Papa Smurf like to give you his riddle. You feel in love with them but the truth remains that the Smurf must return to their Smurf villages.

Maybe this not logical in your thinking, but to me it was a exciting if Papa Smurf can take me to visit their village while helping lead others to find a way back to their Smurf village. Can you imagine that at first they went astray in a big city, be a friend with human and finally they inviting you to visit their village as well as help others to return to their homes safely..

In my mind now just like me, come from village to Kuala Lumpur then meet new people, then adapt with the new environment, influence other to come and visit my village. What a lovely experience.. =)

Papa Smurf I want to visit your village please ...

Oh before I forgot my favorite Smurf award goes tooooo SMURFEETE!!
You are so sexy, adorable and charming..
I LIKE You Ahaks Ahaks!

btw english ku berterabur tapi tak pedulik pon!


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